How to insert advertising on your site

Website Ads You can get online with your website!

The most direct and immediate way to make this happen is to place advertisements on your website. One of the possible alternatives is to insert banner ads.

Let’s see how, here are some indispensable tools and useful tips.

Let’s start from the basics: a fundamental and easily accessible tool is Google AdSense. Google AdSense is the advertising circuit of Google that connects advertisers with Internet site managers who want to place advertising on their site earning.

First of all you need to complete the registration procedure for Google AdSense. Once you do that you can start making money by following these steps:

  •  Choose the types and formats of ads that Google makes available to you. You can choose between text and display ads, or a combination of the two. The right mix makes the difference;
  • Copy and paste the piece of code that will be provided on your site, where you want the ads to appear. It is advisable to strategically manage this aspect so that the banner is catchy in the eyes of your visitors;
  • Advertisers make offers for your advertising space by participating in a real-time auction, you can choose from those that are most suitable for the profile of visitors to your site.

Managing these aspects is actually less easy than it looks.

To optimize your earnings with banners you will have to make some fundamental considerations. Before inserting advertising on your site it is essential to know the characteristics of its visitors: profile, sex, age, habits, interests and the way they interact with the site (time slot of the largest influx, average time spent on the site, average number of pages displayed, etc …).

Do not forget you need to know the analatycs of your site and also increase your traffic through SEO optimization, positioning your page among the first results of Google through AdWords, and so on.

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